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All-in-one eBay solution for managing

listings, inventory, messages & much more.

List upto 5 million products on eBay With Ease

Review draft listings and make edits before publishing on eBay.

Quickly draft unlimited number of listings
Publish and unpublish products anytime
Add custom item specifications to your listings
List on multiple eBay countries from a single screen
Save time with a lightning fast software

SellSetGo enables you to perform time-consuming tasks faster and manage your eBay & omni-channel e-commerce business more efficiently.

Lightning fast bulk operations
Create attractive listings with HTML templates
Bulk Revise listings via CSV
Faster customer messaging with a gmail-like interface
Watch your eBay business grow

Get all the benefits that come with selling on eBay when you optimise your listing and manage your e-commerce business with SellSetGo.

Dynamic cross promotion galleries
Update galleries across 1000s of listings in seconds
Personalise content by changing templates for calendar events
Reduce time by bulk editing items from the grid

Seamless integration ChannelAdvisor, Linnworks, etc.

Bulk upload & revise listings via CSV
Order management and tracking number
Multi variation items
Customer messaging with email threads
Automatic inventory sync between eBay, BigCommerce
Vehicle compatibility via ktypes
Dynamic translation
BigCommerce connector.

Why Choose SellSetGo

As an advanced eBay solution software, SellSetGo takes care of the challenges sellers face in making edits across all product listings on eBay. Our software makes it easy and efficient to run your business without the extra hassle. It also enables you to take advantage of eBay best practices to create highly compliant and hence profitable listings.

We aim to continuously innovate and update our eBay listing software to aid eBay sellers in scaling their business. SellSetGo is here to help you sell out faster, manage templates feasibly, edit listings in bulk, change item descriptions across the entire inventory with the click of a button, forecast sales, and much more.

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Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We are here to help.

Do I have to get into a contract?

No, this is a pay as you go software and you can cancel anytime. You will be billed at the end of every month.

Can I export the items I create to a csv or to another marketplace?

Yes, you can export all the products data in a csv from our the reports section. You can customize this csv and upload it to any third-party software or marketplace that you wish to sell to.

How do I access your support?

You can email us and we will get back to you as soon as we can. For our customers who use the Professional support plan, we offer dedicated whatsapp & phone support.

Can I connect my existing ebay store with SellSetGo?

Yes, absolutely. You can use SellSetGo not just to list new items on ebay but you can also import existing ebay items into SellSetGo.

Can I continue using my existing eBay software for stock control?

Absolutely. You can use your existing softwares like Channel Advisor, Linnworks, StoreFeeder, ChannelGrabber, etc., for stock control and SellSetGo seamlessly integrates with all of them.

What ecommerce platforms do you integrate with?

At the moment, we provide integration with Shopify platform only. We will soon be adding integrations with other platforms.

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